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KIREI IS beautiful living through great design...sustainably. We bring you the newest natural elements to createhealthy, sustainable spaces for living, working and play.

Kirei design materials - Kirei Board, Kirei Bamboo, Kirei Wheatboard and Kirei Coco Tiles are manufactured from renewable or reclaimed agricultural byproducts and low-or no-added-formaldehyde adhesives. Kirei design elements are ideal for use in architectural, millwork and finished product applications in commercial, residential and hospitality settings.

Kirei Board - Zen Modern
Kirei Board is a strong, lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly substitute for wood— usable in furniture, cabinetry, casework, and interior design elements. Manufactured from reclaimed sorghum straw and no-added-formaldehyde adhesive, Kirei board brings a beautiful new element to modern interior design.

Kirei Bamboo – Organic Contemporary
Kirei Bamboo is an eco-friendly panel material with a variety of surface and millwork looks usable in modern interior design and finished products. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable, sustainable resource, and we use low-or no-added formaldehyde for the production of our panels.

Kirei Wheatboard – Clean, Green MDF
Kirei Wheatboard is the answer to formaldehyde-emitting wood MDF products. With working characteristics meeting and often surpassing those of commercially available MDF, plus renewable source materials and non-toxic adhesives, Kirei Wheatboard gives you a clean slate to build what your mind designs. Projects and products receive LEED™ credit for rapidly renewable material, recycled content, and indoor air quality.

Kirei Canamo - Natural Industrial
What’s old is new again: Hemp has long been one of our most important industrial fibers: the American Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, and it was mandatory for early American citizens to grow hemp plants for sailcloth and rope. Now hemp’s versatility returns in our new Kirei Canamo Hemp panels, used for ceiling panels, architectural millwork and more. Made from the reclaimed hemp hurd fiber left over from fabric manufacture and a No-Added-Urea- Formaldehyde resin, Kirei Canamo Hemp panels are a new blank slate for designers and fabricators to create with.

Kirei Coco Tiles - novo tropicale
The 2012 Sumatra and Java Collections
Easy to install, Kirei Coco Tiles are great for wall covering, furniture and interior design feature elements. Kirei Coco Tiles are manufactured from reclaimed coconut shells remaining after harvest, plus low- or zero VOC adhesives and finishes. With two new collections and twelve different styles to choose from, Kirei Coco Tiles are next for decorative ideas in residential, commercial and hospitality settings. Paradise Inside!

Kirei Windfall - reclaimed wood engineered panels
Kirei Windfall creates a beautiful surfacing product from deconstructed Douglas Fir wood material destined for the landfill - ideal for wall covering, tables, cabinetry and other casework in hospitality, residential or commercial settings. Made in the USA using recycled materials and low-emission adhesives, Kirei Windfall can help your projects gain LEED and other green building credit.

Demolish another building - it just gives us more to work with!

Pacific Coastal Collection-Beauty, Recycled
What makes a fine wine taste special? It’s the soil, the fog rising through the mountain foothills, burning off with the morning sun. The same earth and conditions create some of the worlds most spectacular wood, California redwoods and blue pine. In the spirit of gaining the most from every tree and every inch of material, our process retains the falloff from wood fabrication to create remarkable panels of all heart and mixed redwood, as well as utilizing beetle- felled blue pine from across the western US. Feel the cool breeze running through the forest with Kirei’s new beautiful Pacific Coastal Redwood and Blue pine panels. Perfect for retail, hospitality, commercial and residential installations.

Kirei EchoPanel® -Sounds Beautiful
Shape the sound of your space beautifully with new EchoPanel® from Kirei. Versatile EchoPanel® acoustic panels and tiles add color and style to any space while quieting rooms by controlling sound reflection. EchoPanel® panels and tiles are manufactured using recycled PET plastic bottles, eco-friendly dyes and no added adhesive, resulting in a Green TagTM - certified product which can help gain LEEDTM green building credits with almost no VOC emissions. Visual Style/Acoustic Control

Modern Design, Naturally

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