Geometry Tile Wall | Style: Penta | Colors: 542/258/576


Geometry Tile Wall | Styles: Delta/Square/Oblong | Colors: 542/442/500/108


Geometry Tile Wall | Styles: Delta/Square/Oblong | Colors: 542/442/500/108


Geometry Tile Office Wall | Project: DPR, San Diego, CA | Style: Hex | Colors: 500/151/295


Geometry Tile Office Wall | Style: Delta | Colors: 542/442


Geometry Tile Break Room Wall | Style Hex | Project Beverly Liu | Colors: 442/542/151/273


Geometry Tile Stairwell Feature | Project: VWSC Architects | Style Delta | Colors: 273/258/151/500/108/551/579/381

EchoPanel Geometry Tiles

Create visually inspiring, acoustically calm spaces with Geometry Tiles.

Geometry acoustic tiles install quickly and easily, thanks to a peel-and-stick self-adhesive backing. Available in 20 colors and 5 unique styles plus the option to customize shapes, these acoustic tiles can provide style and acoustic control to nearly any space in a flash!


design options:

product description:

Peel-and-stick Geometry Tiles can quickly transform your space both visually and acoustically. These bold, geometric tiles are a decorative surface finish offering acoustic performance with a felt-like finish. They are produced from 100% PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) that, depending on the color, contains up to 60% post-consumer content.

dimensions & weight :

EchoPanel Geometry Tiles .49 lbs / SF Varies per tile style. Download the spec sheet for more information.

product specs:

NRC .36 (no air gap)
INSTALLATION Peel-and-stick adhesive
FIRE RATING Class C (Class A available)

natural surfaces

EchoPanel Panels & Tiles are environmentally made from recycled plastic bottles.

Though sustainable manufacturing and innovative recycling, EchoPanel leads the way for designers to get the sound they want - with the lowest environmental available on the market today.