EchoFold Ceiling | EchoFold ACT 2x4 | Color 273


EchoFold Wall | EchoFold Mini | Design Finn Daniels | Color 444 | Photography: Finn Daniels Architects


EchoFold Ceiling | Echofold ACT 2x2 | Color 442


Create visual motion and acoustic control in your space with EchoFold!

EchoFold adds depth to walls and ceilings while deflecting and absorbing sound. Use EchoFold for an industrial or corrugated look on walls and ceiling surfaces or drop into ACT grid for a fresh new ceiling style. EchoFold comes in two standard sizes or can be customized with your unique design.


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  • Weight :

    Maxi 12mm: 5 lbs./unit
    Mini 12mm: 2.5 lbs./unit
    ACT 2x2: 3.5 lbs./unit
    ACT 2x4: 7 lbs./unit

  • Dimensions :

    Mini: 46"L x 8"W x 5"H folded
    Maxi: 46"L x 14"W x 10"H folded
    ACT 2x2: 24"L x 24"W x 5"H folded
    ACT 2x4: 24"L x 48"W x 5"H folded

  • NRC :

    EchoPanel systems sound absorption will vary depending on configuration. Contact us for NRC information

  • Installation :

    For Standard EchoFold: Use standard construction adhesive or mechanical fasteners. Line up adjoining elements prior to attaching.

  • Installation :

    For EchoFold ACT: Drop tile into T-grid in place of ACT.

  • Fire Rating :

    Class C (Class A available)

environmentally made