Ultimate Software’s office redesign had the potential to be a loud, unproductive work space. By strategically installing acoustic products throughout the open environment, designers kept the visual design that Ultimate Software wanted and effectively controlled noise.

About Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software is a tech company that creates human resources software, payroll platforms, and other business management tools. The company’s commitment to its “People First” culture required acoustic control and an effective floor plan in its office redesign.

The Challenge of Distraction in an Open Office

Ultimate Software hired P2 Interiors for the redesign of its corporate office. Designers wanted to maintain the company’s open, welcoming environment for employees and clients to work and collaborate. But with Ultimate Software’s large team, expansive layout, and hard surfaces throughout the space, the new design had the potential to be distracting for employees.

Effective Noise Reduction


P2 Interiors selected custom-cut Simple Baffles from Kirei to absorb sound throughout the expanse of the office. Because the baffles were custom designed to fit Ultimate Software’s space and color palette, the result was effective noise reduction that aligned with the company’s brand and existing architecture.

Healthier Acoustics and a Smarter Office Layout

Installing acoustic products throughout Ultimate Software’s corporate office not only controlled noise effectively in the space but also helped with the layout of the entire office.

“The use of the custom-cut Simple Baffles used at the flagship corporate facility for Ultimate Software in Weston helped us in not only in bringing the exposed ceiling height to a more personal level, but also allowed us to create a sense of direction and wayfinding down the main path of circulation”
- Patty Herrera of P2 Interiors