About McCarthy Construction

McCarthy Construction generates work all over the country and was in need of a home base that emulates their mission of being the best builder in America. Tasked with imprinting a modern, clean look to the new office, HGA, multi-disciplinary design firm, collaborated with the sustainable construction company to design a space with intimate private offices at the core and vibrant open office and collaboration spaces around the perimeter.

The Challenge

One space, in particular, is used as a flexible, multi-purpose area which was programmed to be centralized and easily accessible to all occupants. It is immediately adjacent to the main entrance, open office area, and executive conference rooms making it an ideal location for a variety of activities such as entertaining with visitors or clients, impromptu collaboration, and scheduled break-out sessions. However, hard surfaces including dense concrete, glass walls, and high, exposed ceilings, caused excess reverberation and echo throughout the workspace.

The Solution

Cortezmediagroup Hga Mccarthy Interiors 004

McCarthy Construction’s office required a solution that would not only absorb sound over the central multi-purpose space but also be a stand-out design feature. Unlike full ceiling panels, EchoStar is specifically designed to control noise overhead. The diamond facets deflect sound waves while the EchoPanel surface absorbs sound. The customizable system also offers three-dimensional visual appeal and texture to the space without disrupting the design scheme.

“McCarthy Construction is very satisfied with the acoustics. Since the space is occupied in a variety of ways, but not regularly occupied with a big group of people, we were looking for a dramatic solution that not only stood out, but also didn’t impact the raw nature of the aesthetic. EchoStar was the right fit and perfect balance aesthetically and acoustically.”
—Heather Kampa, Senior Interior Designer | HGA

The Result

Cortezmediagroup Hga Mccarthy Interiors 003

Despite the challenge of high ceilings and hard surfaces, Kirei’s EchoStar provided McCarthy’s office with a sound control solution that doubles as a noteworthy architectural feature. The ceiling system also complements additional Kirei Baffles installed in a nearby conference room.