The design team for Liquid Advertising’s office wanted to keep their brand’s modern, fresh look, but needed solutions for echo and other excessive noise in their new space to encourage employee productivity.


Liquid Advertising is an agency that produces digital media and creative multimedia to connect people with the brands they love. Their portfolio includes big-name clients like Disney and Microsoft. Moving into a new space meant growth for the company, but came with the challenge of incorporating a modern, coastal feel in a busy (and sometimes noisy) office environment.


When moving to a new office location, designers for Liquid Advertising’s space wanted to keep a “coastal” feel that aligned with the Liquid brand. Thus, plans were developed for a beautiful, updated space that incorporated different textures and finishes. This created a challenge since the design team wanted the update to include
hard surfaces such as metal, concrete, and wood.

These hard surfaces were no doubt aesthetically appealing, but created an enormous amount of echo and additional noise. Overhearing office chatter is one of the worst offenders when it comes to distracting noise in the workplace: if you can hear someone talking while you’re working, productivity levels can go down by 66%.

Liquid Advertising needed solutions for these challenges, but the solutions needed to fall within their brand guidelines.

How Kirei Helped


The design team from Verdego chose Kirei Simple Baffles because they had the option for a completely customized look. Because the baffles were custom-shaped and installed on the ceiling, the office's visual design retained the brand’s image. In fact, the baffles added a dynamic aspect to the already distinctive design.

Kirei’s Simple Baffles are made to absorb sound without compromising the structure’s visual design. The baffles were installed on the ceilings of the large, open office area to reduce echo caused by the hard surfaces in the new space.


The end result of the project was a dynamic, trendy design that aligned with Liquid Advertising’s brand. The baffles effectively absorb sound in the space and eliminate unwanted echo, making the office the efficient work space that Liquid intended.

“We contacted Kirei to help us create a lightweight and dynamic acoustic solution. We were able to design the movement of ocean wave in a pattern that Kirei easily fabricated and shipped to us with a quick turnaround. Installation was easy; within a couple of days, it was completed, and it looks amazing!”
- Tatiana Barhar, Verdego Design