Chicago Coffee Shop Balances Good and Bad Noise

6 Limitless Coffee Kirei Echofold Photo Courtesy Of Arco Murray

Limitless Coffee & Tea Incorporates EchoFold to Deflect and Absorb Sound One Latte at a Time

About Limitless Coffee & Tea

2 Limitless Coffee Kirei Echofold Photo Courtesy Of Arco Murray

Dedicated to redefining craft coffee, Limitless Coffee & Tea’s second location in Chicago’s River North neighborhood invites customers to taste (and hear!) the difference. Mirroring the sophisticated vibe of its surroundings, the cafe features an inviting, minimalistic design with high ceilings, smooth surfaces, and—thanks to EchoFold by Kirei—clean acoustics.

The Challenge

5 Limitless Coffee Kirei Echofold Photo Courtesy Of Arco Murray

Coffee shops and cafes are notorious for being loud—especially when outfitted with hard surfaces like wood, concrete, and steel. Although the industrial aesthetic is popular, the hard materials cause sound waves to frantically bounce around the room. This cafe was no exception. With this challenge top of mind, Limitless Coffee & Tea sought to strike a balance between fostering an intimate yet buzz-worthy acoustic atmosphere where friends catching up over cold brew or an individual patron taking a work call could equally enjoy the space.

The Solution

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ARCO/Murray, a design build firm that served as the general contractor on this project, installed EchoFold Mini on a prominent wall above the main counter to complement the scale of the decor. EchoFold creates visual motion, bringing a unique texture and focal point to what would have otherwise been another hard, flat surface. The cut and folded EchoPanel acoustic solution adds depth to the space, while deflecting and absorbing the inevitable sound caused by both the materials in the cafe and the guests themselves.

The Result

3 Limitless Coffee Kirei Echofold Photo Courtesy Of Arco Murray

Spanning less than four feet in length, the taupe-colored EchoFold Mini treatment wrapped around the facade of the bulkhead makes a significant acoustic difference and visual statement. “EchoFold bridges the gap between clean design and sound absorption,” explains John Stein, President of Kirei. “It stands out, without overwhelming a space, and matches many adaptive-reuse projects with industrial aesthetics. Plus, the shape of EchoFold specifically helps deflect and absorb sound—just my cup of tea!”