Desoto Career Center’s hallways were plagued with echo because of the high-trac environment and disruptive noise. Acoustic solutions were required to improve the learning experience for students and in order to meet code requirements


Desoto Career Center provides career and technical programs for local students. With a large amount of foot traffic throughout the day, the hallways became extremely noisy. This made it difficult for students to pay attention in their classes, making teachers’ job harder as well.


Poor acoustics in classrooms are all too common: students in today’s classrooms are unable to hear 25 to 30 percent of what teachers say, because of excessive noise in the learning space. This has led to the ANSI requirements which set forth guidelines for decibel limits in educational spaces.

The hallways at the Desoto Career Center produced a loud echo whenever students and faculty walked in between classes. This made it difficult for students to listen to classroom lectures, and made it particularly challenging for faculty members to teach.

Sound quality is especially important in a learning environment. With a loud echo constantly going through the hallways during classes, students’ success in school was potentially hindered

Acoustic Solutions and Meeting Code in a Learning Environment:


To solve the building’s echo problem, better sound absorption was needed in the busy hallways to prevent sound from traveling throughout the space and disrupting class.

Sound-absorbing Dune Tiles were strategically installed in sections above the high-ceiling hallways of the building In order to absorb sound while allowing the hallways to funnel students through the school.

The Mura Dune tiles added visual dimension and acoustic control to the open spaces, and the speedy clip system enabled quick installation. Kirei’s Mura tiles also achieve a Class A fire rating, have up to 60% recycled content that can contribute to LEED credits and help satisfy code requirements for sound levels.

Adding Visual Dynamic to Your Space

"I really enjoy the way the Dune tile texture interacts with the light during different times of the day, as well as how the visual dynamic of the material changes with different viewing angles."
- Michael Lebel, architect, Allen & Hoshell

Finding the right materials and incorporating better acoustic design in an educational space is challenging, but not impossible. If you have questions about the acoustics in your space or want further information about Kirei’s products, you can get in touch with us here.