Jul 24th 2017

10 Inspiring Spaces with Bamboo Ceilings

Victoria Schulte

When it comes to sustainable design materials for commercial projects, bamboo has become a go-to choice for architects and designers. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass providing more material per acre than any wood species.

It can be manufactured into sheets and planks for building purposes, or left in its cylindrical shape for use as a decorative element.

Below are 10 commercial spaces that have taken bamboo to a new place in structure and design.

Lotus and Bamboo Tea Room

The Lotus and Bamboo Tea Room in China features a ceiling that combines a wide range of materials, including bamboo. Instead of the bamboo being laid flat, the ends of the shoots point downward. Recessed lights are found inside the bamboo for an added calming effect, creating a tranquil design and soothing space.

Crawford Residence

In this home, bamboo veneer was used to add curves to this dynamic space. A hanging light fixture was installed, which draws attention to the bamboo detail in this residential kitchen.


El Guadual Classroom

The El Guadual is a childhood center in Columbia composed of classrooms, a dining hall, recreation centers, and other spaces made from bamboo materials. The ceiling in this classroom has thick bamboo supports and full bamboo rods, providing shade and protection from the full sunlight, while providing ventilation which keeps the interior cool.

Bird Wing Amphitheatre

In Hanoi, Vietnam, the Bird Wing Amphitheatre allows for live music shows and conferences by the pond. The open-air building features a roof entirely made of bamboo and rope. The stunning design creates the perfect natural backdrop for these events, and is completely eco-friendly. The audience can easily watch live entertainment and listen to the music, while experiencing the natural beauty of the bamboo structure.

Tang Palace Restaurant

When dining in the Tang Palace Restaurant, prepare to be blown away! The stunning architectural designs of the ceiling gently arches down, connecting the floor. The space features an airy, open feeling to diners, but still provides a more intimate and private environment when eating.

Son La Restaurant

The Son La Restaurant in Vietnam features open, high ceilings made from a type of bamboo called "luong," which can grow up to lengths of 26 feet. The impressively tall ceilings are held up by the luong pillars, with crossed bamboo beams which create an intricate, squared effect.

Clothing Factory Office

Commercial businesses are also jumping into the bamboo movement. At the headquarters of a garment factory in Ho Chi Minh, the bamboo ceiling has a draped effect. The planks undulate, similar to the billowing folds of a dress. Above the ceiling, the lighting and mechanical systems equipment are housed in a bamboo structure.

wNw Cafe

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting in an open-air cafe while enjoying a nearby water feature? Designers of the wNw Cafe upped the ante, and built a cafe that surrounds an artificial lake. The stunningly designed ceiling is constructed with steel tensile beams and bamboo, while the roof maximizes airflow, keeping the customers cool during hotter days.


Office Space

The design in this office space promotes a calm, relaxing feeling. Using material composed of Low Volatile Organic compounds has been found to reduce toxins in the air, improving the health and wellbeing of employees and other occupants in the space.


Outdoor Japanese Noodle Restaurant

Dining outside should be a pleasurable experience no matter what the weather is like. The incredible roof design at this outdoor Japanese noodle restaurant located in Jakarta has created a bamboo roof that is made up of large square umbrellas. Each umbrella roof section overlaps with the ones beside it, offering the restaurant guests protection from the sun and rain. If rain should fall, a clever bamboo gutter system redirects the water to the ground.

Semi-Permanent Cathedral

If you’re looking for stunning architectural feats, look no further. This semi-permanent cathedral located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is made entirely of local materials, due to an earthquake that struck the region. This cathedral features an intricately wrought bamboo roof consisting of beams that crisscross each other. These beams support the ceiling as skylights brighten up the interior.

Water and Wind Cafe

The Water and Wind Cafe is unlike any structure you have seen. Built in Binh Duong, Vietnam, it is shaped as a gigantic dome, held together entirely by woven bamboo. There are no nails or other materials used to hold up the structure, and pendant lights drape down from the ceiling and create a circular frame around the skylight at the center of the ceiling. The exterior of the roof and walls are covered with a bush plant.

All around the globe, restaurant owners, building designers, and architects alike are taking advantage of the characteristics and sustainability features in bamboo building materials. These structures and environments are just a few of the intricate and stunning design concepts that can be created with bamboo.

It is now more important than ever in the design industry to begin sourcing products that are energy-efficient and meet building code requirements. Architects and designers already use bamboo for a variety of building projects because of its versatility and beauty.