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The avio collection

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The AVIO Collection

The AVIO Collection of ceiling baffles is the next innovation in the growing Kirei EchoPanel lineup. With a focus on providing designers a more premium choice in elevated aesthetics and advanced sound absorption to the room’s ‘fifth wall, AVIO delivers on elegance and performance through its complete suite of complementary and interchangeable acoustic products

The AVIO Collection


Designed to capture sound waves reflected off hard floor and desk surfaces, the A-Baffle allows you to reduce the noise in any space in style.

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The inverted shape of the A-Baffle, use it in multiples or mix and match alternating baffles with the A-Baffle to create bold new looks.

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The I-Baffle gives you the unique design capability of customizing the colors of it’s opposing faces with Kirei’s wide variety of EchoPanel colors.

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It’s extra wide form factor and open interior are designed to maximize both high and low frequency sound absorption creating a more acoustically balanced space.

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The “Fifth Wall”

Treating the Ceiling

Hard ceilings will often reflect sounds in a room. When hard ceilings are paired with hard floors, desk and table surfaces, and windows, sound waves can bounce multiple times. This causes a notable echo in a space which causes people in that space to talk louder, which in turn produces more echoes. The result can be an almost intolerable space.

The Benefits of Baffles

Adding baffles to the ceiling absorbs and refracts sound waves. Baffles minimize echoes and reduce the ambient noise in a space so your clients can enjoy the space you design.

Designing the “Fifth Wall”

Baffles are an excellent way to design the ceiling. A designer can effectively change the ceiling height, hide building mechanicals, create visual drama, or calm a space down.

Installing AVIO

AVIO baffles are easily installed with aircraft cable and commonly available hardware. The hardware is not visible from floor level.

Customizing AVIO

AVIO baffles are available in Kirei’s large variety of colors, neutral to vibrant. Mix baffles styles and colors to create an endless amount of unique looks.

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