Top 5 Acoustic Design Projects of 2016

This year has been full of success stories for Kirei. We’ve seen so many designers do such incredible, stunning projects with our acoustic products. To celebrate these designs, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite acoustic design projects from 2016. Take a look and gain some design inspiration of your own!

1. Liquid Advertising Simple Baffles


Who says neutrals are boring? Design studio Verdego Design incorporated EchoPanel custom baffles to be the “unique centerpiece for the high ceilings in the center of the space.” Inspired by the motion and movement of a wave, these baffles were easy to fabricate and install.


Design: Verdego Design, LLC
Photography: Augusta Quirk Photography

2. Boba Latte Vee Tiles


This coffee shop is anything but average. Designed by 2[g] Habitats and the owner of Boba Latte, EchoPanel Vee tiles were used on one entire wall of the space. The original space had serious echo issues, so the designers turned to Vee tile to help absorb sound and add some serious aesthetic appeal.


Design: 2[g] Habitats
Photography: 2[g] Habitats

3. Ultimate Software Custom Simple Baffles


When looking to “create a sense of direction and wayfinding” in this open office space, interior design studio P2 Interiors turned to the simple baffle for acoustic design projects inspiration. The vibrant color and custom shapes of the baffles appeal to the senses visually as well as maintain noise in the commercial office setting.


Designer: P2 Interiors
Photography: Lagdood Photography

4. Marriott Springhill Suites


Designed by JG Johnson Architects, this space divider in this Texas hotel is one of our favorites. These custom-cut panels were designed to break up the lobby space and absorb sound in the multi-function room. Unique design, vibrant colors, and easy-to-install hanging hardware – what’s not to love?


Designer: JG Johnson Architects
Photography: Kirei

5. Elum Designs Open Office


No stranger to unique designs, Elum Designs added some color and sound absorption with EchoPanel. The open office setting looked amazing, but allowed (unsurprisingly) for acoustic issues to arrive. The owners of Elum chose EchoScreen and EchoSky to save the day in this acoustic design project.



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