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7 Colorful Office Products to Boost Creativity


Moo Office in London | From Mashable.com

The Power of Color

Color can seriously impact productivity. It seems obvious (especially if you are a designer or architect), but many people take the power of color for granted. The University of Texas actually conducted a study that found neutrals – think the typical white, gray, brown – negatively affected worker productivity and mood.

Unsurprisingly, bland, boring colors do little to spark creativity. But consistently, office desks, cubicles and partitions seem to rely heavily on these drab hues. So what can you do to spruce up your office vibes?

Whether you are designing a brand new office space or revamping your little corner in a sea of cubicles, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of our favorite eye-catching, colorful office products that are sure to help boost productivity!

Colorful Office Products

1) Area rug

Office rug

An area rug under a conference table or even your desk can tie a room together and adds some vibrancy to typically boring office floors. Remember, different colors evoke different emotions. Go moody with a deep red or calm the space down with some blue hues.

2) Wall tiles


If you’ve got some white walls that can use a pop of color, there are some easy-to-install tiles that can seriously update the design game in your space. Tiles (like the new Topo Tiles) can come in a wide variety of colors to match your decor and can also help absorb sound (design-friendly & sound-friendly!)

Wave Tile - Eric Laignel Photography

Wave Tile – Eric Laignel Photography


3) Filing cabinet


A small addition that can go a long way: switch up your filing cabinet for something bright and eye-catching! If your cabinet is attached to your desk, don’t worry: there are some great DIY instructions on how to cover your filing cabinet with wallpaper (yes: WALLPAPER!) Easy peasy (for the most part) and a budget-friendly way to add colorful office products to your space.

4) Flower pots


Who can’t use a little green in their space? When a plant wall isn’t an option, look no further than bright pots to hold your indoor plants. There are many out there that are colorful, and some even are self-watering! Sounds like the perfect colorful office product to us!

5) Office chairs

office chair

Similar to a filing cabinet, consider swapping out your boring black office chair for a bright colored (and still ergonomically friendly!) chair! Irene Turner makes unique colorful chair designed with your back and body in mind.

6) Partitions


Throw up some “walls” with some bright colored partitions in an open office. This adds both color and privacy to the space (which are both very beneficial to creativity at times). So many partitions and systems come in a variety of colors, so matching decor and choosing inspiring colors shouldn’t be an issue.

7) Wall Prints & Pictures


A very budget friendly option to add some color to your space: throw up some prints! Whether you get a huge piece to hang in a lobby or conference room or some small pictures to pin to your cubicle wall, this is an easy solution to spice up the office.

Spruce Up Your Space

Color can really affect you, so be sure you are using colors correctly! There are even some online color charts you can use to help you plan your office vibes (if you aren’t a professional interior designer or architect). Color isn’t the only factor in a space that can affect creativity and productivity. Noise can dampen those too. Check out these tips to help improve the sound in your office space!

10 Inspiring Spaces with Bamboo Ceilings

When it comes to sustainable design materials for commercial projects, bamboo has become a go-to choice for architects and designers. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass providing more material per acre than any wood species.

It can be manufactured into sheets and planks for building purposes, or left in its cylindrical shape for use as a decorative element.

Below are 10 commercial spaces that have taken bamboo to a new place in structure and design.

Lotus and Bamboo Tea Room

The Lotus and Bamboo Tea Room in China features a ceiling that combines a wide range of materials, including bamboo. Instead of the bamboo being laid flat, the ends of the shoots point downward. Recessed lights are found inside the bamboo for an added calming effect, creating a tranquil design and soothing space.

Lotus and Bamboo Tea Room(Photo credit)

Crawford Residence

In this home, bamboo veneer was used to add curves to this dynamic space. A hanging light fixture was installed, which draws attention to the bamboo detail in this residential kitchen.

(Photo credit: Kirei)

El Guadual Classroom

The El Guadual is a childhood center in Columbia composed of classrooms, a dining hall, recreation centers, and other spaces made from bamboo materials. The ceiling in this classroom has thick bamboo supports and full bamboo rods, providing shade and protection from the full sunlight, while providing ventilation which keeps the interior cool.

El Guadual Classroom

(Photo Credit)

Bird Wing Amphitheatre

In Hanoi, Vietnam, the Bird Wing Amphitheatre allows for live music shows and conferences by the pond. The open-air building features a roof entirely made of bamboo and rope. The stunning design creates the perfect natural backdrop for these events, and is completely eco-friendly. The audience can easily watch live entertainment and listen to the music, while experiencing the natural beauty of the bamboo structure.

bird theater

(Photo credit)

Tang Palace Restaurant 

When dining in the Tang Palace Restaurant, prepare to be blown away! The stunning architectural designs of the ceiling gently arches down, connecting the floor. The space features an airy, open feeling to diners, but still provides a more intimate and private environment when eating.tang-palace-restaurant

(Photo credit)

Son La Restaurant 

The Son La Restaurant in Vietnam features open, high ceilings made from a type of bamboo called “luong,” which can grow up to lengths of 26 feet. The impressively tall ceilings are held up by the luong pillars, with crossed bamboo beams which create an intricate, squared effect.

Son La Restaurant

(Photo credit)

Clothing Factory Office

Commercial businesses are also jumping into the bamboo movement. At the headquarters of a garment factory in Ho Chi Minh, the bamboo ceiling has a draped effect. The planks undulate, similar to the billowing folds of a dress. Above the ceiling, the lighting and mechanical systems equipment are housed in a bamboo structure.

Clothing Factory Office

(Photo credit)

wNw Cafe

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting in an open-air cafe while enjoying a nearby water feature? Designers of the wNw Cafe upped the ante, and built a cafe that surrounds an artificial lake. The stunningly designed ceiling is constructed with steel tensile beams and bamboo, while the roof maximizes airflow, keeping the customers cool during hotter days.

Bird Wing Amphitheatre

(Photo credit)

Office space

The design in this office space promotes a calm, relaxing feeling. Using material composed of Low Volatile Organic compounds has been found to reduce toxins in the air, improving the health and wellbeing of employees and other occupants in the space.


(Photo credit: Kirei)

Outdoor Japanese Noodle Restaurant

Dining outside should be a pleasurable experience no matter what the weather is like. The incredible roof design at this outdoor Japanese noodle restaurant located in Jakarta has created a bamboo roof that is made up of large square umbrellas. Each umbrella roof section overlaps with the ones beside it, offering the restaurant guests protection from the sun and rain. If rain should fall, a clever bamboo gutter system redirects the water to the ground.

Outdoor Japanese Noodle Restaurant

(Photo credit)

Semi-Permanent Cathedral

If you’re looking for stunning architectural feats, look no further. This semi-permanent cathedral located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is made entirely of local materials, due to an earthquake that struck the region. This cathedral features an intricately wrought bamboo roof consisting of beams that crisscross each other. These beams support the ceiling as skylights brighten up the interior.

Cathedral by Eugenius Pradipto

(Photo credit)

Water and Wind Cafe

The Water and Wind Cafe is unlike any structure you have seen. Built in Binh Duong, Vietnam, it is shaped as a gigantic dome, held together entirely by woven bamboo. There are no nails or other materials used to hold up the structure, and pendant lights drape down from the ceiling and create a circular frame around the skylight at the center of the ceiling. The exterior of the roof and walls are covered with a bush plant.


(Photo credit)

All around the globe, restaurant owners, building designers, and architects alike are taking advantage of the characteristics and sustainability features in bamboo building materials. These structures and environments are just a few of the intricate and stunning design concepts that can be created with bamboo.

It is now more important than ever in the design industry to begin sourcing products that are energy-efficient and meet building code requirements. Architects and designers already use bamboo for a variety of building projects because of its versatility and beauty. Check out our other blog articles blog about the many different applications of bamboo:

7 Sustainable Products for the Responsible Designer

10 Hotels from Around the World Using Natural Products

Bamboo Veneer: 17 Ideas for Architects and Designers that Go Beyond Flooring





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10 Hotels from Around the World Using Natural Products

1. Hotel Indigo, Sarasota, Florida

Hotel Indigo, located in Sarasota, Florida offers guests a comfortable oasis near the beach. The light, breezy design provides a calm atmosphere and “natural welcome.” The coconut shell mosaic tiles made from reclaimed coconut shells accent the coastal beach surroundings of the hotel. It is the perfect place for a peaceful, beach getaway.

Hotel Indigo

Image from Hotel Indigo, Sarasota


2. Maya Boutique Hotel, Valais, Switzerland

The Maya Boutique Hotel, made of straw, is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by breathtaking views. This self-sufficient hotel puts guests at one with nature in a place of natural solitude and peace. “The Maya Boutique Hotel is a eulogy to respect and protect our precious nature, through the low impact it has in its breathtaking environment.” Complete with solar panels and a wood oven, the Maya Boutique Hotel provides a relaxed environment for guests to relax and renew.

Maya Boutique Hotel

Image from Maya Boutique Hotel


3. Kokopelli’s Cave, Farmington, New Mexico

Kokopelli’s Cave might just be one of the most unusual bed and breakfasts ever. This peculiar B&B overlooking the La Plata river is actually built into the Tertiary Ojo Alamo sandstone in New Mexico. The cave offers a beautiful view of sunset over the river and the four states that make up the four corners: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. Kokopelli’s Cave is the perfect place for a unique, very down-to-earth getaway.

Kokopelli’s Cave

Image from Kokopelli’s Cave


4. Ecorkhotel, Evora – Suites and Spa, Evora, Portugal

Ecorkhotel, as its name suggests, is located in an area known for cork forests and is made of cork. Cork acts as a thermic and acoustic isolator, making it energy efficient and bringing guests closer to the nature surrounding the hotel. The Ecorkhotel offers guests a chance to relax and enjoy in its modernly designed building. The light, airy feel of the hotel and soothing ambiance allow guests to rest and unwind.


Image from Ecorkhotel


5. Palacio de Sal, Uyuni, Potosi, Bolivia

The Palacio de Sal is an exotic hotel in Bolivia made entirely of salt. The salt makes up the building itself and nearly everything in the building. Local artisans pack the salt tightly together to create furniture and decor around the hotel. The salt must be replaced fairly regularly, which provides locals with jobs. Salt is very accessible in this area because the hotel is located in the world’s largest salt flat. The salt also purifies the air, improving the environmental impact of the building. The Palacio de Sal is a rare site demanding attention for its innovative use of salt.

Palacio de Sal

Image from Palacio de Sal


6. Hotel de Glace, Quebec, Canada

The Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada offers new and returning guests a unique experience each year. Made entirely of ice, the Hotel de Glace is redesigned every year to keep guests coming back for more. The theme for 2017 is The Northern Perspectives, which allows guests to explore the magnificence and splendor of the North Pole.

Hotel de Glace

Image from Hotel de Glace


7. Natur Residence Dolomitenhof, South Tyrol, Italy

This cozy and elegant hotel in South Tyrol, Italy offers guests a comfortable stay in an apartment style room. The hotel boasts a “feel well factor” made possible by natural air distribution, natural building materials, and local wood used to make furniture in the hotel. Staying in the lovely Natur Residence Dolomitenhof is sure to please both visitors and the environment.

Natur Residence Dolomitenhof

Image from Natur Residence Dolomitenhof


8. Bardessono Inn and Spa, Yountville, California

Located in the heart of wine country the Bardessono Inn and Spa is a go-to destination for luxury travelers. Committed to helping guests have a mindful visit, the staff encourage guests to immerse themselves in the “deep green.” Many of the woods throughout the hotel and spa are from salvaged trees. Guests can enjoy the luxuries knowing that no off-site energy is needed to procure them. This inn and spa is truly the perfect California getaway.


Image from Bardessono Inn and Spa


8. Hotel Monte Mulini, Istria, Croatia

Hotel Monte Mulini, which incorporates locally quarried stone into its building, is a great choice for a beach getaway. Guests enjoy serene views while relaxing almost anywhere on site. From the beach and pool area to the spa, there are plenty of choices for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Hotel Monte Mulini

Image from Hotel Monte Mulini


9. I Resort, Nha Trang, Vietnam

The I Resort, which is made of wood, stone, and coconut leaves, offers guests a tranquil place to get away. Settled in scenic Nha Trang, the I Resort is committed to providing a peaceful place for visitors in a natural environment. None of the wooden structures in the hotel have screws or glue, but instead are pieced together by a special kind of joint. Stone from the local quarries makes the spa experience unique to Vietnam. The thatched roof provides shelter from the sun in keeping with the tone of the resort. I Resort is the perfect place for a guests to experience true Vietnamese architecture and design while enjoying being pampered by the staff.

I Resort

Image from I Resort


10. Glen Oaks Big Sur, Big Sur, California

Glen Oaks Big Sur is a gorgeous place for a high-class getaway with an outdoor vibe. Guests will feel like they are camping, but with all of the luxuries of home. The cabin style rooms blend in perfectly with the redwood trees surrounding them. The features in each room, including natural Kirei board in each bathroom, make guests feel as if they are at one with nature. Glen Oaks Big Sur is the perfect place for outdoor-loving travelers.

Glen Oaks Big Sur

Image by James Hall Photography



Top 5 Acoustic Design Projects of 2016

This year has been full of success stories for Kirei. We’ve seen so many designers do such incredible, stunning projects with our acoustic products. To celebrate these designs, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite acoustic design projects from 2016. Take a look and gain some design inspiration of your own!

1. Liquid Advertising Simple Baffles


Who says neutrals are boring? Design studio Verdego Design incorporated EchoPanel custom baffles to be the “unique centerpiece for the high ceilings in the center of the space.” Inspired by the motion and movement of a wave, these baffles were easy to fabricate and install.


Design: Verdego Design, LLC
Photography: Augusta Quirk Photography

2. Boba Latte Vee Tiles


This coffee shop is anything but average. Designed by 2[g] Habitats and the owner of Boba Latte, EchoPanel Vee tiles were used on one entire wall of the space. The original space had serious echo issues, so the designers turned to Vee tile to help absorb sound and add some serious aesthetic appeal.


Design: 2[g] Habitats
Photography: 2[g] Habitats

3. Ultimate Software Custom Simple Baffles


When looking to “create a sense of direction and wayfinding” in this open office space, interior design studio P2 Interiors turned to the simple baffle for acoustic design projects inspiration. The vibrant color and custom shapes of the baffles appeal to the senses visually as well as maintain noise in the commercial office setting.


Designer: P2 Interiors
Photography: Lagdood Photography

4. Marriott Springhill Suites


Designed by JG Johnson Architects, this space divider in this Texas hotel is one of our favorites. These custom-cut panels were designed to break up the lobby space and absorb sound in the multi-function room. Unique design, vibrant colors, and easy-to-install hanging hardware – what’s not to love?


Designer: JG Johnson Architects
Photography: Kirei

5. Elum Designs Open Office


No stranger to unique designs, Elum Designs added some color and sound absorption with EchoPanel. The open office setting looked amazing, but allowed (unsurprisingly) for acoustic issues to arrive. The owners of Elum chose EchoScreen and EchoSky to save the day in this acoustic design project.



Looking for some more design inspiration for your acoustic projects? Check out this blog post all about commercial design ideas! And don’t forget to follow along on Instagram for daily updates on the latest interior design inspiration!

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7 Sustainable Products for the Responsible Designer

7-sustainabledesign-products-for-the-responsible-designer-1Sustainability in architecture and interior design is nothing new, and more often is (thankfully) becoming the norm. With an endless number of eco-friendly and sustainable products to use in your spaces, the task of narrowing down the options can seem daunting.

We’ve listed 7 of our favorite sustainable design products to help you create more healthy, environmentally conscious spaces.

1) Richlite Commercial Counter Tops


Richlite’s website says it best: “Get the brawn with the brains.” These countertops are designed to be simultaneously tough enough for serious use and appealing to the eye.

With the countertops’ through colors, heat resistance and custom edge design capabilities, it’s hard to believe that this sustainable product is made from recycled paper. Richlite’s products also contribute to LEED points. Eco-friendly win-win!

2) Fireclay Tiles


These handmade tiles are a sustainable step in the right direction. Made of recycled glass, porcelain, and lead-free paint, these bright tiles come in 150 standard colors and 24 standard shapes — not to mention the custom capabilities.

Fireclay’s company value of “treading lightly on our earth”  shines through in their dedication to using post-industrial granite dust, locally sourced glass and local scrap porcelain.

3) Bamboo

MILWOOD KITCHEN TABLE Viesso Furniture Horizontal Carbonized Bamboo

If you’re not familiar with this age-old, rapidly renewable product, we aren’t really sure where you have been. Essentially the epitome of sustainable products, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world (one to four inches in a day!) It can actually be harvested every three years without any damage to the environment.

Bamboo is perfect for table tops, desk tops, cabinetry, wall paneling — the list goes on and on. Sustainable and versatile – what’s not to love?

4) Emeco Su Chair Collection


In Japanese, “Su” represents the idea of “plain” or “unadorned,” and this cork-based chair collection sticks to that idea in both simplicity of design and environmental footprint.

Made of cork (a rapidly renewable and sustainable product) and aluminum, these stools and chairs offer both indoor and outdoor seating. Emeco also adheres to strict environmentally conscious decisions in choosing materials and methods that go beyond just making their product.

5) Oceanside Glasstile

Vignette photography of Devotion glass tile line includes new patterns and new Italian glass and antique mirror.

 “From Curbside to Oceanside” serves as Oceanside Glasstile’s company mantra, so this Southern Californian manufacturer does not only focus on providing sustainable products. Oceanside Glasstile’s goals also include targeting improvements in energy reduction, elimination of waste and green business practices.

With an entire selection of stunning tiles, our favorite tile stands out from the rest. TheDevotion wall tiles are used to create stunning backsplashes and accent walls. These sustainable tiles are available in 9 patterns and 30 colors. Designer- and earth-friendly all in one!

6) Ecovative Myco Board


If you haven’t seen any of Ecovative’s sustainable products, you’re missing out. This company grows – yes, GROWS – certified sustainable products that help designers create healthy, non-toxic spaces.

Using just three ingredients (mycelium, hemp, and starch), Ecovative creates furniture for your home and office. Their Myco Board serves as non-toxic wood that can be molded into custom shapes and panels. Ideal eco-friendly design solution for a multitude of spaces!

7) Coco Tiles


These coco tiles are renewable, recycled and ready to use in your next indoor project! Available in two styles and 8 different earth tones, this sustainable product adds perfectly to the design and aesthetic of any neutral-toned or tropical-themed room.

Recycled from harvested coconuts, the husks turn into tiles that are either meshed-back or self-backed. These backings make installation easy using a low- or zero-VOC construction adhesive.

Selecting sustainable products thankfully gets easier and easier these days. More manufacturers feel a responsibility to the environment to create healthy, responsibly-produced products, which leaves a lot of options for designers and architects to choose from.

Looking for some ways to incorporate these products in your spaces?



Bamboo Veneer: 17 Ideas for Architects & Designers that Go Beyond Flooring

As green building certifications like LEED and SEED go from bonus options to industry standards, it’s more important than ever before to begin sourcing products that meet these criteria. Architects and designers already use bamboo veneer for flooring, but bamboo can fit into building projects in several other areas as well. This fast-growing grass easily qualifies for LEED and green building certifications, and can make some beautiful statements at the same time.

These 17 ideas will help get your bamboo veneer projects off to a great start.

#1 Furniture of the Future

Bamboo veneer, lumber, and panels are perfect for forming into tables, desks, shelves, benches, and other furnishings for the home or office. Choose from 5 different grains and shades to customize the look.

Bamboo Lumber for Funiture

#2 Controlled Design and Custom Imagery

Match your client’s details right down to the tiniest pieces of their décor. Different shades of bamboo veneer and panels can be mixed to provide you with depth of color for custom furnishings for bars and restaurants.

Bamboo Lumber for Vanities

#3 Create Vanities with a Clean, Modern Design

Build in a floating bathroom vanity that provides the kind of smooth lines and clean edges that today’s modern bathroom needs. Bamboo panels and veneer performs well in even damp areas like the bathroom and can easily work with a variety of counter tops.

Bamboo Lumber of Sinks

#4 Save Space and the Environment

With bamboo panels and veneer, you can craft any kind of cabinet or drawer face you need, including innovative corners that let you make the most out of every inch of space you have.

Bamboo Lumber for shelves

#5 Lightweight Lighting Options

With bamboo veneer sheets, panels and lumber, you can craft and cover just about anything. Need to drop some light closer to a table? Craft a lightweight bamboo soffit that matches the rest of the interior with ease.

bamboo lumber for doors

#6 Pocket Doors You Won’t Want to Hide from View

Pocket doors are sometimes necessary in small spaces, but that doesn’t mean they have to be short on style as well. Bamboo panels and veneer make for the perfect pocket door with clean lines that make it appear as though the door is flowing straight into the wall.

bamboo lumber for walls

#7 Build to Suit, Build in Style

Use bamboo panels and veneer like any other building material to create displays and fixtures. The difference is in the beauty and depth the finished product will have compared to more conventional materials. With bamboo panels and veneer, there’s no need to invest in additional finishing techniques other than clearcoats to get the style you’re after.

bamboo lumber for beds

#8 Build a Bed with Built-in Storage

The best furniture offers both form and function. Bamboo panels and veneer are thin enough, yet durable enough to craft furnishings such as platform beds with built-in storage and headboards for the ultimate in bedroom style.

bamboo lumber for bedroom

#9 Simplicity of the Line

Minimalist design will never be simple or boring when you use bamboo panels and veneer to create the finished piece. With its clean lines and deep colors, bamboo makes the perfect accent to even the cleanest of designs.

bamboo lumber for creatives

#10 Bring Out the Hidden Details in Your Walls

Inlaid panels are a beautiful alternative to overlays, as well as a nice addition to simple designs. Using bamboo veneers or lumber, you can keep the clean lines of the space while adding richness to the room.

bamboo lumber for furnishings

#11 Furnishings as Unique as Your Clients

Bamboo veneer functions just like more traditional building materials, enabling you to build to your exact specifications. The clean lines of this end table are complemented perfectly by the lines and knuckles of the bamboo.

bamboo lumber for entertainment center

#12 Not Your Ordinary Entertainment Center

While slab doors are popular for their simplicity, plain wood and veneers can often leave them a little bland. Bamboo veneer provides the same sleek door styles, but with a depth and interest that carries this entertainment center to a new level.

bamboo lumber for bathroom

#13 Clean and Modern Meets Deep and Intriguing

Kitchen cabinets built out of bamboo add interest to contemporary designs, and are easily customizable for personal use such as building open cabinets for displaying glassware.

bamboo lumber for kitchen

#14 Overlays Reinvented

Overlay doors have long been popular for their clean lines, that offer more interest than plain slab. Combine bamboo overlays with fillers of Kirei Board or contrasting bamboo to add texture, interest, and detail all at once.

bamboo lumber for pantry

#15 A Niche All Its Own

Using bamboo veneer and panels give you the opportunity to coordinate every last detail in a room from pantry doors to sink base cabinets. Bamboo is incredibly versatile, allowing you to adapt it to your unique vision.

bamboo lumber for frames

#16 Frame It Out

Match even the tiniest details in a room by creating frames for mirrors and other accessories out of bamboo. The clean lines and rich texture of the bamboo are the perfect complement to a wide variety of prints and designs.

bamboo lumber for cabinet

#17 Sliding Solutions

Let the clean lines of bamboo inspire you to think outside the cabinet box. Sliding doors inlaid with glass open up this bathroom and create a unique storage solution in this custom vanity.

bamboo lumber environmentally friendly

Meet All Your Style and Funciton Needs

Bamboo veneer, lumber and panels enable you to achieve style and function while also meeting green building criteria. Consider using this versatile material in your next project to get form, function, and LEED compliance all at the same time.