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7 Colorful Office Products to Boost Creativity

The Power of Color Color can seriously impact productivity. It seems obvious (especially if you are a designer or architect), but many people take the power of color for granted. The University of Texas actually conducted a study that found neutrals – think the typical white, gray, brown – negatively affected worker productivity and mood. Unsurprisingly, bland, […]


5 Quick Design Fixes for Noise In Open Offices

The Noise Problem Unnecessary noise sucks. If you’ve ever sat in an office, listening to Jill from Accounting complain incessantly about her boyfriend or Chad in Sales overshare his weekend escapades, you understand. And if you haven’t, you’re lucky. Researchers have found that in an office, overheard conversations of coworkers and noise in open offices […]


Top 5 Acoustic Design Projects of 2016

This year has been full of success stories for Kirei. We’ve seen so many designers do such incredible, stunning projects with our acoustic products. To celebrate these designs, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite acoustic design projects from 2016. Take a look and gain some design inspiration of your own! 1. Liquid Advertising Simple […]

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7 Sustainable Products for the Responsible Designer

Sustainability in architecture and interior design is nothing new, and more often is (thankfully) becoming the norm. With an endless number of eco-friendly and sustainable products to use in your spaces, the task of narrowing down the options can seem daunting. We’ve listed 7 of our favorite sustainable design products to help you create more […]

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4 Tips To Create More Productive Conference Rooms

Consider the conference room – home to your most vital meetings, but too often today’s conference room is more echochamber than productive space. The sleek modern look that’s all the rage results in hard surfaces that brutally reflect every sound, turning a conference call into cacophony. While these offices seem to radiate efficiency, they rarely create an […]

Understanding Acoustic Design: Part 3

In the previous parts of this series, acoustic consultant James Black takes a look at the common issues with acoustics and what specifically can be done to avoid these problems. In this final article, James explains the value in considering sound control before it’s too late, and debunks the theory that acoustics are too expensive to […]


Understanding Acoustic Design: Part 2

In the first part of this series, acoustic consultant James Black discussed the common acoustic design mistakes found in different types of spaces. This week, he takes a look at office spaces and how to fix the often-neglected acoustics in these vital work environments. Or download the entire article here! Don’t Follow Trends Blindly Today we […]