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8 Bamboo Interior Design Ideas

There are many growing trends throughout the interior design industry, but one of the fastest growing and most persistent is sustainable design. Homeowners looking for materials to use throughout their homes want not only style and on-trend looks, but materials that are healthy, and that have less of an impact on the environment. For this […]

10 Commercial Spaces Using This Little Known Natural Product

As the environmental impact of buildings and building products becomes better understood, commercial building owners, architects and designers are being pressed to find products that are not only responsible and sustainable sourced but beautiful and natural looking as well. Needs like these drive people to use beautiful, sustainable products like FSC-certified wood and recycled content […]


Hotel Lobby Acoustics Checklist

Acoustic physics is not a simple science. But for hotels, public buildings, special event venues, and even offices, it is crucial to be able to control noise levels to the extent that visitors feel comfortable. (Photo Credit) Restaurants and expansive hotel lobbies can be often be very noisy when there’s a crowd, and individual voices […]


7 Restaurants with Great Acoustic Design

Your restaurant can be beautiful, with sleek decor, alluring smells great service and amazing food, but if guests are assaulted by a wall of noise they can be turned off, or worse, turned away. The 2014 Zagat Boston Restaurants Survey found restaurant noise level to be the number-one irritant about dining out, more irksome than […]

10 Inspiring Spaces with Bamboo Ceilings

When it comes to sustainable design materials for commercial projects, bamboo has become a go-to choice for architects and designers. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass providing more material per acre than any wood species. It can be manufactured into sheets and planks for building purposes, or left in its cylindrical shape for use as a […]


Office Acoustics: The Definitive Guide to Addressing Workplace Noise Issues

Today’s offices are much more open and designed for ‘collaboration” than ever before, with studies emerging that say that an open office floor plan can help increase employee productivity, while reducing stress and improving energy efficiency at the same time. While these types of open-floorplan setups may make it easier for employees to communicate and […]

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10 Hotels from Around the World Using Natural Products

1. Hotel Indigo, Sarasota, Florida Hotel Indigo, located in Sarasota, Florida offers guests a comfortable oasis near the beach. The light, breezy design provides a calm atmosphere and “natural welcome.” The coconut shell mosaic tiles made from reclaimed coconut shells accent the coastal beach surroundings of the hotel. It is the perfect place for a […]

Commercial Interior Design Trends for 2017

With a new year comes unexpected new design trends. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 commercial interior design trends we’re excited to see in 2017. 1. Recycled Products Building green is nothing new, but upcycling and recycling continue to grow in importance. It’s not enough to just re-use pallets as a coffee […]

Hotel Interior Design Trends

Hotel guests now demand the ultimate, personalized experience, and the state of hospitality design both encourages and reflects this desire. To that end, hotel interior design trends are changing, moving away from cookie cutter designs and opulent surroundings to high-tech, green, innovative boutique-inspired interiors. While some things will never change, hotels will always have lobbies […]